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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams

HPL interior furniture

Lockers, cabinets, boxes, walls, changing rooms in antibacterial HPL

Wardrobes, lockers for changing rooms, parcel collecting point, self-service and hospitals;
Structures and partitions, shower boxex, public toilets.


Production, sale and assembly of custom made HPL furniture: lockers, cabinets for changing rooms, modular partitions and toilet boxes for industries, campsites, schools, hospitals, sports and shopping centres. Easy to configure and order online, 100%customisable. 

The characteristics of the HPL laminate, combined with the Italian design and CEL know how, contribute to create a series of linear, modular, customizable and unique furniture for indoor and outdoor; excellent in terms of resistance, hygiene, impermeability and durability.

CEL designed furnishings meet the most demanding requests, guaranteeing durability thanks to the attention devoted to the choice of excellent raw materials. Locker models, partitions and toilet or showers boxes are studied in detail and perfectly adaptable to public and private spaces, respecting the dimensional needs.

The attention to detail is expressed above all by the total absence of bulky fastening elements inside lockers.
The HPL material is antibacterial (see features ››), therefore it can be sanitized easily. Besides it is equipped with a scratch-resistant surface, thus perfect for industry changing rooms, campsites, stadiums, hospitals, sports centres, self-service shops, shopping centres and schools.
In these pages we offer specific product lines in order to meet each customer request. 
Production and assembly are performed by CEL Components.



Accessories in High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Design, production and supply of accessories
for the equipment of gyms, company changing rooms, schools



HPL Lockers and modular storage cabinet lockers ​

Smart Lockers for parcel collecting points, changing rooms, gyms, industries, hospitals, schools, large retailers. Mechanical and digital locks...



Kitchen worktops
and cubicles ​

CEL Components srl offers a new range of products in Corian, a material with excellent design versatility…


Modules for shower
and washbasin

HPL partitions for bathrooms and showers to improve space management: available in a wide range of colours.…