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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams

Innovative sandwich panels for the healthcare sector

CEL produces innovative sandwich materials applied in furniture, clean rooms, prefabricated modules for bio containment to be safely which can be sanitized and sterilized.

Health and hygiene safety, can also be guaranteed by the use of new construction materials. Most of the sandwich and honeycomb panels produced by CEL Components are applied by systems engineers, manufacturing companies in the creation of clean rooms, protected environments or bio-containment modules. Lightness but great rigidity, resistance and special surface finishes, even with antibacterial paints.


Environmental impact and nature of the material are crucial in order to maintain a wholesome space.  An unsuitable material, combined with high humidity and temperature, can favour the permanence of viruses, on its surface, for up to 9 days.


Cel produces a wide range of semifinished materials and panels which can be used in several applications. 

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Cleanrooms are uncontaminated areas used for scientific purposes, such as laboratories of various kinds (chemical, mechanical, opto-electronical), where airborne micro particles, environmental pollutants and microbes must be greatly reduced.

CEL COMPONENTS’ sandwich panels for clean rooms are generally made of an aluminium honeycomb core bonded with two skins of high pressure laminate or aluminium; they can be painted with anti-static ESD if specifically requested. These panels are normally used in walls, doors, floors, and ceilings.

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Bio hazard containment areas

CEL panels produces easily transportable, mountable and disinfectable modules and coatings for bio hazard-containment areas, in mobile prefabricated negative pressure units, prevention of contagion or epidemy areas, such as for example COVID 19.

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Deflectors for air flow laminarization

Cel Components supplies white or transparent polycarbonate honeycomb, which can be used in sterile rooms air suction and filtering devices, in order to laminate the air flow. Polycarbonate filters are already applied in intensive care units, where the presence of bacteria and viruses could saturate the environment dangerously, but could also be used in offices, homes and public spaces. 

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LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.